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How to Write a 300 Words Essay (+ Examples for Students)

What is a 300-word essay? It's an academic paper students write in school or college. The goal is to express an idea, state an argument, or analyze a topic. The only problem with such essays is their concise format. Your task is to meet the required length but convey information in the logical manner. How is it possible with such restrictions? How to format such a short essay? In this article, you'll find a few  samples of 300-word essays. Also, you'll learn the rules of structuring and formatting such papers right. Example of 300 Words Essay Let's begin with examples (1). A 300-word essay looks like this: "This I Believe" is a concept for individuals to... Read more

How to Write Book Titles in Essays: APA, MLA, Chicago Styles

It's your practical and up-to-point guide on how to write a book title in an essay. You'll get the formatting rules and examples for citing book and author names in academic papers. We've covered the top three citation styles: APA, Chicago, and MLA. How to Write the Title of a Book in an Essay First, remember the general rules of citing book names in academic works. Here's how to cite books in essays: Use capitalization. Every word of a book's name goes in the title case, except prepositions, articles, and coordinating conjunctions. Use italics for longer and independent works. Use double quotations for shorter ones (poems, articles, book chapters, or play acts and scenes). Use single quotations... Read more

How to Format Dialogue: Complete Guide

Dialogue formatting matters. Whether you're working on an essay, novel, or any other form of creative writing. Perfectly formatted dialogue makes your work more readable and engaging for the audience. In this article, you'll learn the dialogue formatting rules. Also, we'll share examples of dialogue in essays for you to see the details. What is a Dialogue Format? Dialogue format is a writing form authors use to present characters' communication. It's common for play scripts, literature works, and other forms of storytelling. A good format helps the audience understand who is speaking and what they say. It makes the communication clear and enjoyable. In dialogue writing, we follow the basic grammar rules like punctuation... Read more

How to Cite a Movie in APA Format in Essays

Disclaimer: This article reflects the 7th edition of the APA movie citation guide (1). Here's your short yet actionable guide on how to cite a movie if your assignment requires an APA-style citation. To cite a film in an in-text citation in APA, write the director's name (last) and the picture's year of release. In-text citation format: Example of citation:(Director's last name, year)(Zhao, 2018) To cite a movie in the list of references, list the director or multiple directors' last names and initials. Also, mention their positions and the production company in the publisher section. Write the film title in a sentence case and italicize it, followed by the word "Film" in square brackets. Reference list format:Example: Last... Read more

Who Am I Essay: Writing Tips and Sample

Your "Who am I?" essay is a paper where you describe yourself as a person. Mention what inspires and motivates you, what you love and don't love, your goals and wishes, etc. In this article, you'll learn how to write this personal essay. (And please don't miss a ready-made example to understand what to describe in your work!) How to Write a "Who Am I" Essay You're that person who knows you best, but writing about yourself is still challenging: You read a writing prompt for a college application or scholarship, and you aren't sure if you understand it in detail. How do you know what exactly to mention in your essay? You can't... Read more

How to Write an Outline for Synthesis Essay, Step by Step

You want to know how to build an outline for synthesis essay. Here's how it works: Outlining is the initial step to crafting a high-quality, A-worthy paper. If you miss this element, you risk losing focus and flow. More than that, you can't generate an argumentative, logical, and close-knit essay without it. This article won't let it happen. Keep reading to reveal actionable tips on outline writing. You'll know what to include in each paragraph and how to structure it for better results. Bonus for the most avid readers: A free PDF template for outlining synthesis essays. What Is a Synthesis Essay Outline? A synthesis essay outline is a comprehensive plan for your paper. It shows... Read more

How Many Words Should Your Essay Have for Grading High?

How many words are in an essay? This question bothers all students, whether in middle school or college. Two reasons: They don't have word count guidelines to know how long their essay should be to grade high. Or, they struggle with the word limit within a paper and wonder if they can go under the suggested length. The essay length varies, depending on many factors: subject, purpose, and academic level. Essays are usually shorter than dissertations or research papers. The thesis is the longest one. In this article, I'll answer two popular questions: How long is an essay? How many paragraphs are in an essay? Also, let's learn how long each essay part is and... Read more

150 Best Writing Tools and Resources [2024 Edition]

I can almost hear you thinking: The list with tools. Again. How many more articles like this do we need to decide on the best resources for writers? Or is it going to be a list of writing tools for students? Look: Whether you write essays, business articles, or books, you should bookmark this page. Here I've gathered all the best tools for writers by categories and needs. Now you can find them in one place and save time on searching. Table of Contents: Inspiration and idea organization Writing apps for planning: titles, theses, outlines Distraction-free online writing tools Essay writing tools for students Business writing tools and resources Creative writing tools Book writing tools and resources Best writing tools for proofreading... Read more

Scholarship Essay Contest 2024 by

Write a Short Essay and Win $1,500! Are you a college student who enjoys writing? It's your chance to get a reward for showcasing your craft. starts the Scholarship Essay Contest 2023. It is for students to display their academic talents, encourage peers to develop skills, and thus extend the community of aspiring writers. What's more: This contest is your opportunity to get a monetary prize for a writing assignment! Not a bad bonus for someone dealing with tons of academic papers in college, eh? Details, Please! The Writing-Help Scholarship Contest 2023 is easy to join: 1. Choose an Essay Topic We've got five for you to choose from: The Power of Diversity and Inclusion. (Discuss the importance... Read more

Expository Essays Made Simple: The Guide With Examples

What is an expository essay? How to write, structure, and format it to reach its purpose? This article is here to answer all your questions on expository writing. I'll share the meaning and provide a few templates and examples for extra clarity. Expository Essay Definition An expository essay is an academic paper that exposes facts, explaining a topic to a reader. A writer shares the info to educate the audience, not entertain or persuade them. Examples of such explanatory texts are: Scholarly articles Instructional or technical guides Unbiased journalistic investigations A news report Textbooks Business writing It's an expository text definition for us to understand the nature of this paper type. For more info, let's learn the characteristics and elements of an... Read more