What Is Nursing Essay, and How to Write It Like a Pro

Nursing essays aren’t that challenging to write. Follow our short guide, and you’ll know how to get a perfect paper.

What Is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is an academic paper related – you guessed it! – to nursing.

It’s a complex definition because nursing essays can be all kinds of papers:

  • Those can include professional topics of treating patients with certain diseases. 
  • Also, nursing essays can cover topics like a proper approach to the different groups of patients according to their age and cultural needs. They are about ethics and leadership in nursing. 
  • They can be reflective papers and personal essays, with a nurse or a nursing student being an author.

As you can see, nursing essays are different. However, a proper academic approach and work on the structure, clarity, and logic in writing unite all of them, written by students or experienced professionals in nursing.

Nursing Essay Example

Here is your brief sample of what a nursing paper can look like. 

Usually, your school can provide a more detailed sample of the whole paper (1), a nursing essay introduction example, or nursing essay conclusion examples if necessary.

From our sample, you see how to work with sources when you can’t use direct citations. It’s also an example of narrative and general proportions of structure.

Here it goes:


How to Write a Nursing Essay: 5 Steps


1) Research

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a nursing essay about your personality or treating patients with a particular disease. Any nursing paper starts with research.

A few credible sources will improve a personal essay and raise your grade. You can find an article or two to prove that your qualities are essential for nurses and handy for your career development. As for the more practical topics, please support your statements with credible sources.

If you don’t have articles and books to use, you can find them online on trustworthy websites (3) or by googling.

2) Outline

Why nursing essay need an outline?

It can improve your writing and make your essay much better. You don’t need to make a complete outline with all the statements and ideas written by numbers and supported with citations. Briefly describe what you’re going to say in each paragraph.

This quick step will help you see if your future essay has any structural weaknesses and fix them. A clear structure when ideas logically follow one another and support the main statement is the core of a good work, whether you write about nursing or gardening.

3) Draft your nursing essay

“You can’t edit a blank page.”

Jodi Picoult

She’s a novelist, but her statement is relevant to any writing type. It’s better to write a poor draft and edit it a few times than to sit and look at the black page, trying to make everything perfect from the first time.

The faster you cope with the first draft, the more time you have to improve it and make a great essay. If you cannot find academic words to write, use informal and edit later.

Do you see that you need one more source to support your statement?

Leave a note about that in the text and go on. If you want to write an excellent paper, it’s essential to leave it for some time and rest from it.

When you get back to writing, you’ll work not only on the point you left for further work. You’ll also see more mistakes or misprints you didn’t note before and fix them.

4) Check

Dozens of factors can distract your attention from the essay and its instructions. That’s why it’s critical to check your draft. (2) 

Start with the instructions. It’s easy to miss or mix up some points that will lower your grade. Check every detail related to the essay:

  • Did you cover the necessary word count? 
  • Is your formatting style correct? 
  • Did you use all the sources or a proper number of them for your paper? 
  • Are there any specific requirements in the instructions that you must follow?

It’s easier to find a mistake or gap and correct or fulfill it than be sad that your grade is low because of one tiny item that got out of your attention.

5) Revise

Make corrections to your paper before submitting it. If you check your draft and everything is correct, read it one last time before providing it to your educator. 

With this revision, you can prevent tiny mistakes and misprints. After that, you can submit your paper and be sure it’s excellent.

Final Words

A nursing essay isn’t anything you can’t deal with. Get a little attentiveness and patience, follow the steps we showed you, and you will have a fine essay graded high.


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