3 Examples of Enduring Issue Essays to Write Yours Like a Pro

Enduring issues are lasting problems of the world. When writing a paper for the NYS Regent Exam, you’ll get a task to craft an essay about some of those issues. It would help to have a few samples beforehand to know how to write it well, wouldn’t it?

In this article, you’ll find three enduring issues essay examples. They serve to reveal the nature of this paper type. Also, you’ll get the enduring issues list and read some practical tips on enduring issues essay writing.

So, here we go.

What Is an Enduring Issues Essay?

First, let’s explain: What is an enduring issue?

Enduring meaning is “lasting.” So, if we needed to provide an enduring issue definition, we would say that it’s a problem that exists across time. It’s an issue in global history that many societies have attempted to address with varying degrees of success.

An enduring issues essay is a paper identifying and describing some lasting problem, referring to excerpts from historical documents.

In this essay, you:

  1. Identify and define an enduring issue in the introduction.
  2. Explain why it’s significant, how it has impacted people, and how it has lasted over time. For that, you use your knowledge of the subject and evidence from the documents you get in the prompt.

An enduring issues essay is a part of the Regents Examinations in New York State.

Enduring Issues List

Enduring issues examples are many, and it’s hard to predict which one you’ll get in the exam prompt. We can divide them into five top categories:

  1. Conflict
  2. Environment
  3. Economics
  4. Power
  5. Wants and Needs

Each category has sub-topics your essay prompt may include. So, here is the list of enduring issues. We’ve made it a table for better clarity and understanding:


How to Write an Enduring Issues Essay

Before writing an enduring issues essay, you examine the provided documents to analyze which issues exist there. There can be several different issues, and you have the element of choice here: 

  1. Name and define the enduring issue you’ll discuss.
  2. Choose the documents among those provided to support your thesis.
  3. Develop your essay introduction and thesis. (Use the formula: Thesis = Enduring Issue + Why It’s Important + Topics of Discussion. See the example below.)
  4. Write a body. (The number of paragraphs = the number of documents you address in the essay.)
  5. Conclude an essay, restating the claim in your thesis.

Here’s an example of a thesis statement in your enduring issues essay:


Our colleague Melissa Keele did a great job visualizing the structure of a body paragraph. It should include the following elements:

  • Topic sentence
  • Document information
  • Analysis of both: Explain how the issue impacted people/places and how it continued/changed over time
  • Outside information whenever possible
  • Closing sentence (optional)

As for enduring issues essay conclusion examples, let’s go to the complete samples below. Such an essay’s concluding paragraphs are usually short (3-5 sentences). Just reiterate your claim again, insisting on its significance and effect over time.

Enduring Issues Essay: Examples

As a rule, prompts for enduring issues essays are super detailed (1). Read them carefully and examine the corresponding documents precisely — and you’ll know what and how to cover in your paper.

Below are several samples of complete essays. Each example is on a different issue for you to see how to structure this type of writing.

Sample 1: Social Studies topic

Title: Conflict in Human History

Conflict, an enduring issue throughout human history, has shaped societies, cultures, and civilizations. Whether arising from ideological differences, territorial disputes, or struggles for power, conflict remains a force that influences human interactions. This essay delves into the persistent nature of conflict, examining its various forms, underlying causes, and its profound impact on societies across time.Throughout history, conflicts have arisen due to multifaceted reasons such as competition for resources, ideological disparities, and struggles for power, exerting significant impacts on societies, cultures, and individuals.

One of the primary causes of enduring conflict is the competition for resources. Scarce resources, including land, water, minerals, and economic opportunities, have often sparked disputes between groups, communities, or nations. For instance, ancient wars fought over fertile lands or trade routes illustrate the deep-rooted connection between resources and conflict. Similarly, contemporary issues like disputes over oil reserves or water rights continue to fuel conflicts globally. The inherent human desire to secure essential resources for survival often escalates into prolonged competition, impacting the stability and development of societies.

Moreover, ideological disparities have historically fueled enduring conflicts. Differences in religious beliefs, political ideologies, and societal values have frequently led to clashes between individuals and groups. Examples such as religious wars during the Crusades or the ideological confrontations during the Cold War era highlight the profound impact of differing ideologies on societal divisions and conflicts. Even in modern times, ideological conflicts manifest in debates over human rights, governance systems, and societal norms, often leading to societal fragmentation and tension.

So, the enduring issue of conflict remains deeply ingrained in human history and continues to shape the course of societies and civilizations. Whether from the competition for resources, ideological disparities, or struggles for power, conflicts persist across time and space. Recognizing the underlying causes and profound impacts of these conflicts is crucial in addressing and mitigating their detrimental effects on societies. While conflict may seem inherent to human nature, efforts toward diplomacy, mutual understanding, and conflict resolution strategies are essential to fostering peace and stability in an increasingly interconnected world.

Sample 2: Global History and Geography topic

In this sample, we’ve covered just one body paragraph for you to see how to structure it. Two other paragraphs about Maximillian Robespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte would have the same format, with corresponding evidence from historical documents.


Sample 3: Climate Change topic

Title: Climate Change: A Global Challenge of Unprecedented Magnitude

Climate change is an enduring issue that transcends geographical boundaries and affects all facets of life on our planet. This essay delves into the persistent nature of climate change, exploring its causes, widespread ramifications, and the urgent need for concerted action to address this global challenge. The issue of climate change, driven primarily by human activities such as greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, poses an existential threat, impacting ecosystems, economies, and the well-being of current and future generations across the globe.

At the core of the enduring issue of climate change lies the detrimental impact of human activities on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial processes, and agricultural activities have accelerated the planet’s warming. The resulting consequences (rising global temperatures, altered weather patterns, melting polar ice caps, and intensified natural disasters) exemplify the far-reaching effects of human-induced climate change. Moreover, these changes disproportionately affect vulnerable communities, exacerbating social inequalities and threatening livelihoods, food security, and access to clean water.

Furthermore, the issue of climate change is deeply interconnected with other enduring issues. For instance, it intersects with economic disparities as marginalized communities bear the brunt of environmental degradation while having fewer resources to adapt. Additionally, it intertwines with political challenges as nations grapple with policies to mitigate emissions and collaborate on global efforts. Addressing climate change demands a multifaceted approach that considers its interlinkages with social, economic, and political factors.

Long story short, climate change persists as an enduring issue of unparalleled significance, necessitating immediate and collective action on a global scale. The continued rise in greenhouse gas emissions and the resultant environmental changes pose an existential threat to the planet and all its inhabitants. Recognizing the interconnectedness of climate change with various other enduring issues is pivotal in formulating comprehensive strategies for mitigation and adaptation. Commitment to sustainable practices, investment in renewable energy sources, international cooperation, and policy initiatives are indispensable in mitigating the impacts of climate change and securing a viable future for generations.

Tips on Structuring Your Enduring Issues Essay

Now that you have enduring issues essay examples and know what to include in each paragraph, the final note from us:

These tiny steps and easy-to-follow rules will help you craft an A-worthy paper.

1) Focus on evidence-based claims and arguments. Make every sentence of your essay matter: Avoid generic categories, conflicts, and points.

2) Don’t be afraid to explore beyond the given documents. Enduring issues essays are also about your knowledge. So if, after analyzing the sources, you see the lack of points to cover the issue, feel free to explore more and support your claims with extra points.

3) Stay objective. This essay isn’t opinion or reflective but analytical and based on evidence. Structure it accordingly:

  • Introduce the issue
  • Present its historical context and importance
  • Finish with its impact and relevance

Ready to Write Yours?

An enduring issues essay is about a lasting problem in global history. It’s a part of the Regents Examinations for New York State’s students. You’ll get a detailed prompt with guidelines.

So, you’ll need to define the issue you’ll discuss and find the evidence in the documents the examiners will give you. Use the above enduring issues essay examples as samples to understand the structure. We hope they’ll help you format your paper the best you can.

Good luck!


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