Writing the “Why Should Abortion Be Made Legal” Essay: Sample and Tips

A “Why should abortion be made legal” essay is a common task for students in high school and college. No wonder:

This topic is highly debatable. So, teachers use it to help students develop critical thinking and writing skills. An argumentative essay on abortion (1) requires research and persuasive claims. The topic’s specifics make it challenging for some youngsters to cover it.

That’s why this article is here.

It shares a fresh example of why abortion should be legalized essay. You’ll see the structure and the samples of arguments (2) and counterarguments to use in such papers. Also, we’ll share some actionable tips for writing papers on abortion.

Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay Sample

Abortion remains one of the most contentious and polarizing issues in society. The question of whether it should be legal or not evokes deep-seated emotions and ethical concerns. Proponents of legalized abortion argue for a woman’s self-determination and reproductive rights, and opponents advocate for the protection of the unborn life. Yet, examining the multifaceted aspects of this debate shows that legalizing abortion is crucial to saving women’s health, autonomy, and socio-economic well-being.

 The core argument supporting the legalization of abortion is a woman’s right to autonomy and integrity. Women have the right to decide about their bodies, including whether to carry a pregnancy to term. Denying their access to safe and legal abortion services can lead to unsafe procedures, posing significant health risks. According to the World Health Organization, restrictive abortion laws do not eliminate abortions but increase the possibility of risky procedures, leading to maternal morbidity and mortality. Legalizing abortion assures that women have access to safe medical procedures, protecting their health and well-being.

 Furthermore, legal abortion services are essential for socio-economic equality. In many cases, unplanned pregnancies can have severe repercussions, particularly for individuals in disadvantaged socio-economic circumstances. Forcing women to unwanted pregnancies to term can exacerbate poverty, limit educational and professional opportunities, and perpetuate cycles of disadvantage. Legalized abortion enables ladies to make choices that align with their life circumstances, allowing them to pursue education and careers and provide better care for existing children.

 Conversely, opponents argue from a moral standpoint, emphasizing the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn fetus. They contend that life begins at conception and, therefore, deserves protection. This ethical perspective often leads to calls for the prohibition of abortion. But, the moral beliefs of a specific group or individual should not dictate legislation that affects a diverse population with differing beliefs and circumstances. A pluralistic society should uphold the freedom of individuals to make choices based on their own moral, religious, or ethical beliefs without imposing them on others through laws.

 It’s crucial to know that the debate on abortion exists within a nuanced framework that involves various perspectives: religious, ethical, and scientific considerations. Finding a middle ground entails acknowledging the complexities involved in the issue. While recognizing the moral concerns surrounding abortion, it is imperative to prioritize the health, autonomy, and well-being of women. Legalizing abortion does not undermine the value of life but instead acknowledges the complexities of reproductive choices.

 So, the legalization of abortion is a many-sided issue that demands thoughtful consideration of women’s rights, health, and socio-economic circumstances. Upholding a woman’s autonomy over her body is crucial in ensuring access to safe and legal abortion services. While respecting diverse beliefs, legislative decisions should prioritize a woman’s well-being. Balancing these considerations can foster a more compassionate and equitable society where women’s reproductive choices are respected and protected under the law.

As you can see from the above sample, college papers on abortion remind an opinion essay:

You present a point of view backed with arguments and evidence. Also, please pay attention: The essay shares an opposing viewpoint. At the same time, the author suggests extra arguments to prove that viewpoint’s inconsistency.

That’s what a stellar argumentative essay looks like: It represents both sides of the coin and lets readers decide which is more convenient.

Speaking of the flip side of the coin:

A “Should abortion be illegal?” essay (3) also has its place to be. So, if you’re against abortions, feel free to discuss the issue in your paper. Just ensure to craft a coherent thesis and use evidence to support it.

How long does an argumentative essay on abortion need to be?

It can be a 300-word essay or a 500-word paper. Everything depends on the guidelines from educators and your academic level:

High-school essays are about 300-350 words long, while standard college papers can be up to 800-1,000 words to cover.

7 Steps to Writing a Persuasive Why Should Abortion Be Made Legal Essay

  1. Strong thesis statement on abortion
  2. Research
  3. Logical structure
  4. Clear and persuasive language
  5. Counterarguments
  6. Evidence for each claim
  7. Credible sources

Thesis statement: Make it distinct for readers to understand your attitude on the issue. As a rule, a thesis statement on abortion is 1-2 sentences, written at the end of an introductory paragraph.

Conduct research to find arguments and evidence to support your statement throughout an essay.

When writing your essay on abortion, follow a standard essay structure: an introduction, three or four body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


Use persuasive language to communicate your point to the audience. Say no to jargon or sophisticated terms; stay concise and clear. While it’s okay to be a bit emotional, please don’t overplay with corresponding messages. Remember that your essay is argumentative, not reflective or personal.

As with any other argumentative paper, your “Why should abortion be made legal” essay needs a paragraph with counterarguments. It’s an opposing viewpoint on the issue. Provide it and suggest some extra arguments on why you disagree with it.

You’ll need evidence to support every claim in your essay. It can be facts, studies, statistics, personal stories, etc. Decide on them before writing a draft so that you understand which one to use in every paragraph.

Please consider reputable resources: academic journals, scientific articles, .edu websites, books, etc. Avoid Wikipedia and low-quality sources.


The abortion topic is complex and controversial. Thanks to its debatable nature, it’s perfect to assign for argumentative essays. If you’re a student who gets a corresponding assignment, please don’t panic or roll your eyes in frustration:

Nothing awful happened. Everything you need is to decide on a thesis statement and choose the arguments to support it.

Now that you know how to write a Why should abortion be made legal essay, it’s time to practice. Try to craft yours: Use coherent arguments and evidence, and do your best to persuade readers of your claims.

And remember: Our professional writers are here to help you and answer all your questions.


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