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Writing the “Why Should Abortion Be Made Legal” Essay: Sample and Tips

A "Why should abortion be made legal" essay is a common task for students in high school and college. No wonder: This topic is highly debatable. So, teachers use it to help students develop critical thinking and writing skills. An argumentative essay on abortion (1) requires research and persuasive claims. The topic's specifics make it challenging for some youngsters to... Read more →

3 Examples of Enduring Issue Essays to Write Yours Like a Pro

Enduring issues are lasting problems of the world. When writing a paper for the NYS Regent Exam, you'll get a task to craft an essay about some of those issues. It would help to have a few samples beforehand to know how to write it well, wouldn't it? In this article, you'll find three enduring issues essay examples. They serve... Read more →

Writing Essay on Friendship: 3 Samples to Get Inspired

When in school or college, you won't escape the task of writing an essay on friendship. It's a paper revealing the power of having friends and reflecting on the corresponding values. It seems easy to write. You craft a narrative about your mates, explaining what they mean to you. And yet, it's an academic paper. So, some rules are still... Read more →

How to Structure a Leadership Essay (Samples to Consider)

Leadership is a complex concept, but it's essential for boosting your career. That's why a leadership essay focuses on applying the theoretical models and concepts of successful management to real-life situations.  If you don't know where to start writing such a paper, please read on for professional tips! What Is Leadership Essay? A leadership essay is a paper that analyzes... Read more →

Education Essay Samples: Choose Yours to Get A+

What is an essay on education? It's a paper that students write in school or college to tell why education is important (1). The rules of structuring and formatting it are standard:  Hook readers and introduce a thesis.   Provide arguments and evidence in the body to support your statement.   Write a conclusion restating the thesis and summarizing the body.  In... Read more →

Essay Sample: “Starbucks Strategic Analysis”

SWOT Analysis Strength The major strengths of Starbucks lie in its philosophy of continuous improvement. The company had been attempting to improve its functions throughout its lifetime. Starbucks has become a preferred place of work for its employees. Starbucks has been providing adequate and attractive employee benefits to its members. This facility has not only benefitted and pleased the current... Read more →