How to Write a Reflective Essay Fast and Easy 20April2023

So, you're here to learn how to write a reflective essay. Great! There's something special in this paper: While it remains formal because of its academic nature, a reflection essay is also about the author's thoughts and emotions, which makes it less formal than other essay types. With that in mind, it's critical to find and support that "formality" balance when writing. In this article, we'll reveal the types of reflection papers, explain their formatting rules, and describe how to organize the... Read more

How to Write an Opinion Essay Like a Pro 11April2023

So, you've got a task to write an opinion essay on a particular topic. What is that? What makes it different from other paper types? And, if an opinion essay is so specific, how to structure it for a better result? Indeed: Opinion papers have specifics. At schools or universities, educators assign them for students to learn how to build arguments and prove their position with logic and evidence. While the format of an opinion essay resembles standard 5-paragraph academic papers, it's... Read more

17 Best Freelance Writing Websites for Side Hustles 8March2023

Despite all the challenges, such as unpredictable working schedules, irregular income, and a huge competition, the freelance writing niche attracts hundreds of people willing to earn extra cash. Indeed: With dozens of freelance writing websites available, it seems easy to register, create a profile, start pitching clients, and offer your writing services. The problem? Such websites are numerous. Some are free, while others ask you to pay for registration. Some are perfect for freelance newbies who start their careers in writing, but others... Read more

15 Must-Check Books for Writers (And Everyone Working With Words) 15February2023

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot." We cite these words of Stephen King so often (and we aren't alone) because they reflect the essence of writing craft: Writers can't succeed if they don't read, and books for writers are so many because authors understand their role in improving writing skills. The problem: Such books for writers are numerous. It may take years to find and read those... Read more

Essay Sample: “Starbucks Strategic Analysis” 30January2023

SWOT Analysis Strength The major strengths of Starbucks lie in its philosophy of continuous improvement. The company had been attempting to improve its functions throughout its lifetime. Starbucks has become a preferred place of work for its employees. Starbucks has been providing adequate and attractive employee benefits to its members. This facility has not only benefitted and pleased the current staff at Starbucks, but has also helped in getting a better pool of recruits at every hiring process. (more…)... Read more

Essay Sample: “Sustainability and Green business” 25November2022

Nowadays, organizations are faced with a wide range of issues. These issues reflect the economic, social and environmental impact of the organization. Materiality entails identifying human rights issues that are of significant to the company and its industry. Within business policies and strategies, change has become a core aspect of survival game in modern business world. This has been enhanced by globalization, technological advancement, changing demographics, and rapidly changing customers and workers expectations. The larger the external forces for adaptation, the... Read more

“Business Performance Measurement and Management” – An Example Paper 23August2022

In the summary of the book “Business Performance Measurement and Management” it defines performance measurement as the set of metrics used to quantify both the effectiveness and efficiency of actions. Performance measurement is also defined as the language of progress for the organization. It is a plan, which indicates where the organization is and where is heading. In this regard, it functions as the guide to whether the organization is in the route of achieving its goals. (more…)... Read more

“My Short and Long-Term Goals” – Our Sample Paper 29May2022

I was born in a community known as ‘Nagarathars’, who are well known all over the world of finance. This fame for finance is comes from the fact that our ancestors travelled all over the world doing business with other communities. I inherited the same qualities from my ancestors because I am very much interested in business. (more…)... Read more

Paper Example: “Public speaking” 7February2022

I Introduction A. Attention Getter: Martin Luther King was a man famous for his work in writing long and intricate literature to better showcase the plight of the African American people who in his time were oppressed heavily in the United States. He is known as one of the greatest if not the greatest speech writers as well as deliberators of all time. (more…)... Read more