Yearly Archives: 2021

Essay Sample: “Information Technology” 29December2021

Abstract In the modern business environment, video conferencing has become a pivotal part of business meetings. This is particularly significant because it enables face-to-face boardroom meetings among people worlds apart. This is regardless of the weather, flight delays and other obstacles. It is efficient, saves time, and there is increased productivity. This essay gives an insight into using a video... Read more →

Sample Paper: “The Importance of Negative View/Jerry Mander” 15October2021

The book gives an interesting critique of technology as experienced in the daily activities. Jerry Mander examines how technology influences the existence of humankind. Nonetheless, the author does not advocate for conduit of technology but reflects on the choices made by people in the course of advancement of technology. In his assessment, the author uses the indigenous societies to demonstrate... Read more →

Paper Example: “Operation Management” 29July2021

The company has to develop its own strategy in order to attain its goals within the time limit it has set to ensure its profit maximization by increasing the total output of production it manufactures. Consequently, the company management will have to recruit trained personnel who are qualified with technical skills to operate the production department with ease thus quality... Read more →

Sample Paper: “Context Diagram” 17January2021

Context Diagram Use Case Name: Receive Supplier Shipment ID: UC -1 Priority: High Description: This Use Case describes the receipt of shipments and reporting discrepancies Trigger: The warehouse manager requests an order. Type: External Temporal Major Steps Performed: Warehouse manager requests for the shipment and supplier provides the order as according to agreement. Warehouse manager unpacks the shipment and check... Read more →