“Dramatic Monologue: Pride and Prejudice” – Our Sample Paper

Miss Caroline Bingley trying to deter her brother from Jane Bennet

A monologue is a literary device whereby the speaker or character, most often expresses their mental thoughts aloud, though they may at times address someone directly. In the book Pride and Prejudice, the reader finds that the characters of the book have their own thoughts and ideas about different topics and would like to pass them to the reader or a different character. The book mainly employs dramatic monologues whereby the character speaks about a certain topic and in the process reveals details about themselves such as their mood, emotions, relationship or personality than they are aware of. This paper shall attempt to create a dramatic monologue where the character speaks of a certain topic to a certain audience.

Don’t you love the party my dear? There are many lovely ladies that are willing to dance with you and get to know you better. Do not just stand her like that go and dance with some lucky handsome lady, while I attempt to woo Mr. Darcy. He is so handsome and wealthy. He has no rush in his undertakings but he is formal. He dresses well and knows how to choose when he has the opportunity. I am an attractive lady that is unmarried and ready to settle down with a handsome man like Mr. Darcy and not to mention, inherit 20,000 from father. I do not want to work and toil as father did. I want a life that is full of lavished things and people around to be at my very beck and call. Mr. Darcy is the perfect man for that, don’t you think? He is wealthy and young, not married or interested in someone at all… Hey aren’t you listening to me? Stop looking at that girl she is not close to as handsome as I am. She works with her hands. I am sure they are as rough as stone. Don’t you think there could be other ladies more handsome than she is in this big ball or have you decided to lower your standards? Be like myself, I aim high and not at shallow men but those who are like Darcy; intellectuals, smart and handsome. Don’t you think that Mr. Darcy and I would be a lovely couple?

I am not ready to let you drag me through this publicly, by having you fall in love with that girl. Love does not have a role to play in this. It is a matter of social class. Will that lady be able to live up to the social class that we are in or does she just plan on staying with us and living off of us? Jane or whatever you would like to call her is not ready to be called anyone’s sister yet. She is not from a well-off family like we are and neither does she have the looks of a handsome lady. Character is key and she does not have the heart required. I feel that you are making a grave decision. There are times when one can say that love is blind and others when one can say that the individual is surely blind. How would you associate yourself with such a low class girl? I am sure that Louisa would not agree with your poor decision about this lady you call Jane. “I may marry her” are not the words for you to be saying right now. This girl that you want to introduce to this family is not worthy of it. Don’t you think Mr. Darcy? She is not heritage. Wouldn’t you have preferred someone more in the line of beautiful and rich? I am not ready to act as someone’s sister and lose my status and opportunity with Mr. Darcy because I am trying to help you make a good decision.

I think if I cannot convince that you are making a bad decision about choosing that girl I will then be forced to tell her herself. I will write her a letter and be ‘nice and caring’ to find out how she has been fairing on. Nothing should ruin this status that we have. Father worked to get us this life that we enjoy so well but you just want to love a peasant girl. Pick someone else, someone worthy to be around you like I have. I have set my eyes on Darcy and I am not ready to let him slip away. I will fight for him. Although he does not notice me but notices Elizabeth, I am willing to convince him that I am who he needs. Be like that, straight forward and choose something worth it. Worth the time and energy you are putting in. I thought I told you not to bother with that girl, now you have gone ahead and chosen to marry her. You are not following what I want for you. I want you to have some class and style not picking out the first thing you laid your eyes on. “Hi, Caroline” Hi I did not see you at all, you look really lovely. I cannot play like a nice sister with her. I do not like her or that other lady that is trying to take my Darcy away from me, but he is already engaged to her too.

In conclusion, Caroline through this monologue reveals her true intentions without s much being aware. She does not care about her brother as much as she would like to believe but rather the social status she is in. Caroline does not want to work hard and earn her own wealth and money but rather she wants to get closer to Mr. Darcy and get married to him because he has money. She pretends to care for others but she looks out for her own selfish interests. She does not care that although Mr. Darcy may not be that in love with her as she would like to believe but is ready to be at his every beck and call to be around him and cater for him. Miss Caroline speaks of character but her actions throughout the excerpt and the entire book do not scream ‘character’ but rather they portray her as a person that will get what she wants and is ready to force her will on anyone if their decisions will impact her social status and economic status. Character, kindness, humility and love are not things that money can buy, nor are they attributes that one can borrow; they are things that one develops within themselves.