Essay Sample: “Information Technology”


In the modern business environment, video conferencing has become a pivotal part of business meetings. This is particularly significant because it enables face-to-face boardroom meetings among people worlds apart. This is regardless of the weather, flight delays and other obstacles. It is efficient, saves time, and there is increased productivity. This essay gives an insight into using a video conferencing tool called OmnilJohnTM. It also shows the processing hardware and software used in this video conferencing.

Information Technology

In this video conferencing, the OmnilJoinTM is the video conferencing tool that will be used in collaborating with the team from India. This video conferencing tool provides the perfect business experience in video conferencing. This includes; multi-party video, boardroom quality and a smoothly synched audio. It allows one to scale from web resolutions that are low to full High Density 1080p which makes this video conferencing tool the best online meeting service that companies and corporates need for boardroom settings whether large or small). It has a dynamic, high-density intelligent video technology, which responds to display changes, layout sizes, and avails a bandwidth that is real-time, which allows all participants to get the optimal video experience in varying network conditions. With Omnijoin, it is possible to share anything that can be accessed to one’s computer, which includes presentations and documents, entire desktops and applications. Furthermore, one can access advanced tools used in collaboration like white boarding and media file sharing. It has an enhanced echo cancellation VoIP that allows one to be heard clearly and to hear clearly. It does not allow the frustrations that are usually common in other systems. The following are several processing hardware, Central Processing Unit and memory requirements that will be needed in tackling this:

  • A personal computer and laptops will be used. They have to have a speaker, webcam and microphones so as to facilitate a video conference. Those computers, which do not have these facilities, will have to use NW-1000 webcam which offers clear and crisp videos having a complete image quality of HD1080, a universal mount and dual microphones. They will also use a VT-1000 personal speakerphone, which is a powerful and portable solution used in conducting video conferences. The speakerphone is user friendly and it provides clear and crisp voice calling. It also has advanced audio features that reduce noises and echoes.
  • A Central Processing Unit having a minimum memory of 4GB for the hosts or presenters and 2GB for the participants. This is because video conferencing uses up a lot of Random Access Memory; hence the more one has, the faster the video will be conveyed without interruptions.
  • A Hard Disk Drive memory of up to 100 MB is required for both the participants and the hosts. This will be necessary for data storage and retrieval of digital information.
  • For the hosts, the CPU type that is recommended is Core2Quad. This is preferred to Core 2 Duo because Core 2 Duo has two processing cores while Core 2 Quad has four processing cores. In video conferencing, multi-tasking is essential. The more the cores in the computer, the more the computer is able to multi-task. It is also able to work more efficiently and better because it allows the working engines to distribute the workload amongst themselves. Furthermore, one does not have to alternate video cards. The participants can use Core2Duo, Pentium 4 or Intel i3. Since they are only participating, the work engines do not necessarily have to be many.
  • For the internet connection, the hosts will need a High-Speed internet Broadband Access with a minimum of 1 Megabyte per second upstream and 4 megabyte per second downstream. This is because broadband access is a key factor in gaining internet access. The speed is also vital in determining the quality of the video and audio in video conferencing. The broadband technology is necessary because it is a high-speed internet connection. For the participants, they will also need a high-speed internet access broadband with a minimum of 512-Kilo bytes per second upstream and 4 Megabytes per second downstream.
  • A DirectX is also necessary. This is a set of application programming interfaces that handle tasks, which are related to multimedia especially in video on Microsoft platforms. It allows direct video card access and incorporates high performance multimedia. For the hosts, they will use DirectX 9.1. This will apply to the participants as well.
  • Video card required having 512 Megabytes video Random Access Memory. The video card will be inserted into the computer via an AGP slot. Its main function is to process images. The main purpose for using a video card is because in the event that a computer lacks a video card, it has to divide the processing power, but a video card processes the video in place of the computer. In the end, one achieves an improved performance and better graphics of the images.

A Chart showing the Video Card, Hard Disk and CPU Performance