Paper Example: “Informative speech”

Who does not like watching movies? Today we are going to look at the movie the titanic that is about one of the famous tragedies in history. Tragedies that have happened in history have been covered differently and uniquely and the importance of the movie titanic is that its theme is about a tragedy that actually occurred. The movie makes what I am about to share with u reliable and credible. Firstly, I will have a look at the titanic itself then afterwards will discuss the actual sinking of the titanic. Finally, I will analyze how the disaster is portrayed in the movie.

Historians describe Titanic as the largest ship to be built in the world. According to the Bookwade publication, the makers of Titanic argued that it was the most luxurious and the safest ship in the world. To show how safe they considered the ship to be, the manufacturers bragged that even God Himself could not make it capsize or sink. Bookwade describes the ship as being 882 feet long and it weighed 46000 tons. Seil publication describes the interior decorations and facilities of the boat in his book and says that it had parlor suits, which had a sitting room, was two bed roomed with each bedroom having a wardrobe, a private bath and a toilet.

From Williamsโ€™s publication, the Titanic disaster happened four days after the ship departed on its voyage. The actual cause of the tragedy happened when the ship ran into an iceberg. The iceberg was the largest in the water. William compares its size to that of a huge mountain. After the ship hitting the iceberg, some of its compartments were damaged making water start getting in the ship. Water rapidly entered the ship and in a few hours, the whole ship had water and this made the ship sink. This sinking led to the killing of the thousands of people on board. There was no other ship, which could come to the rescue of the people.

Since we now know about the Titanic tragedy from the movie, I will go ahead and give a depth analysis of the movie itself. The main theme of the movie was about the fatal tragedy that happened killing numerous people. For starters, the movie is made of fictional characters produced and written by James Cameron. According to the hamem publication, the major reason for Cameron writing the movie was to bring out the tragedy that happened in the past to the present life. To incorporate the real details of the tragedy in the movie, Cameron conducted a 6-month research of the actual crash. He even made visits to the site where the tragedy occurred. The movie was a huge success worldwide recording massive sales. It amassed 1.8 billion dollars worldwide revenue sales. As much as the titanic was just a movie, the accident had actually occurred which had resulted to massive killings.