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Sample Essay: “Problem and Solving in Finance”

Question 8_1 In the context of stock problems, Beta is a variable whose use helps to determine various aspects. The calculations resulting from its application can derive the prices of various stocks, the value of a company and the value of individual shares. Its main purpose is to highlight the connection of the market premium rate with the rate of... Read more →

“Are CEOs Overpaid?” – Our Sample Paper

Is it logical that the average salary of Chief Executive Office, also known as the CEO, has doubled more than 500 times since 1980? It is unbelievable that their salaries have doubled more than 500 times in less than 40 years. This issue has made CEO’s salary become a controversial topic. Some employees say that CEOs do not deserve that... Read more →

Paper Example: “Informative speech”

Who does not like watching movies? Today we are going to look at the movie the titanic that is about one of the famous tragedies in history. Tragedies that have happened in history have been covered differently and uniquely and the importance of the movie titanic is that its theme is about a tragedy that actually occurred. The movie makes... Read more →

Sample Essay: “How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Women in the Army”

Chapter 1: Introduction Problem Statement. The role of women in armed forces cannot be underestimated. As Mertus (2008)1observed, numerous researches that have been conducted on military issues indicate that women do not only perform well as members of the armed forces but also enhance the cohesion within the force. Many countries have realized the importance of formulating policies that would increasingly... Read more →

“Successful Resume” – Our Sample Paper

  CAREER OBJECTIVE: Marketing Manager HIGHLIGHTS OF qualifications Background in assisting human resource management Experience in analysing customer demand, communicating with clients B.A, Bachelor of Arts in Economics Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Excess Proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Mandarin as well as English Highly-motivated, detail-oriented, multi-tasking INTERNSHIP HISTORY General Manager Assistant Yiwu,China Jul 2011-Aug 2011 Zhejiang Yiwu... Read more →

Freelance Writing Jobs from Home

What we mean by freelance writing from home is, that it is someone who is sitting at home, who has a computer and an internet connection, can access writing sites and be given an order to write any form of work, write from home and get paid, while still at home, without even having to leave his house. This means... Read more →