Paper Example: “Chef Business”

Thomas Keller the Famous Chef

I, being here today, talking to you is something I thought I will never see in my lifetime. Am deeply humbled and it is bankable that today is one of my best moments in my life. It is a true definition of American dream which has been entrenched into our culture for decades. However, our recent road to success has not been easy and I cannot take credit for it. I have had people who have down incredible job behind the scene since we started this project over a decade ago. Their commitment and handwork has made us to be here to be where we are at the moment.  Our hope is not to be the most famous restaurant in the world but is simply to make an impact to the lives of those people who walks through the doors of French Laundry.


In fact, I just happen to be part of a successful story and my creativity has been a little bit exaggerated by the media. You see the media have a way of making you something you are not. In certain times they may paint you as a devil or an angel depending on how much they will earn. Today I will say a few more words about it because I believe I am the most overrated chef in the world. On the other hand their job of making me famous has also worked for us in terms of marketability and after to speech we ought to have a toss with the media personnel for the good business. We are even thinking of a merger between our restaurants and some of these media houses. It would be brilliant idea considering is a too way thing and the more consumers they attract to our restaurants by making me famous of course will go a long way to have a healthy balance shee.

Our job as chefs’ deals with serving the people which I believe is always an enormous task. The food industry requires we be attentive to our clients’ needs and prepare meals according to their preferences.  It is simply what we are paid to do rather than impose meals on our customers. It is under these circumstances that our restaurants have installed a tasting process. The essence of this process is to give our consumers a chance to have different experiences with the meals in our menus. You see, is our beliefs that consumers should not spend money on our food and end up eat what they don’t really like. In fact availability of tasting option creates an anxiety which is necessary as they try to discover the best menu that suits them best.  It has been our philosophies in years that the best impression is made through experience.

I know our philosophy has come under scrutiny in recent times and some critics have pointed out what they believe is our weakest points. We welcome criticism because we know it helps us to be better. It also awakes us every time we try to fall in to temptation of laxity. Our short comings in the short run we always try to make them strong points in the long run. However, I must point out to Cobber Kummel a friend although in non-convectional way.  I must congratulate him for his criticizing our philosophy which he believes is tedious. I must respect his wisdom and ability to capture emotions of the people. I would like to invite him to one of our restaurant for a meal. Wait, I guess he will not come; he simply cannot withstand being in a concentration camp where his only job is to taste different recipes and finally picking his best for dinner. On the other hand, maybe I should extend a hand and buy him dinner in one of our places which I believe will come with other advantages. He can spend several hours maybe interviewing me. I believe this will please his bosses which might make him win a promotion.

As you all know my job and the job of all other chefs like me ought to be in the kitchen. It is not our duty to talk too much and I am not even a fan of talking. In fact this job of talking as I said earlier is the work of the media. We have to applaud them for their creativity I always wonders how they pulled that off. How did they just make chefs celebrities? The next thing we will have I hope is celebrity drivers or firemen .in my opinion I believe the former will sell more due to the fact the ladies I must admit they always have a soft spot for them. On the other hand, they do incredible job of saving lives. I hereby request our media to create one and maybe the tabloids can get something else to cover. Thank you, for listening and I would love to have you all for dinner.