Sample Paper: “King Claudius Gap – Monologue”

King Claudius, “lately something is amiss; I am frequently fearful and apprehensive of my nephew’s madness. The young man is getting into my nerves. How dare he accuse me of murder before my subjects? All I ever did was for the sake of my people. I cannot kill unless it is necessary to allow my people prosper. I should punish him severely without people knowing. I think I should even get rid of him for good. This way I would have no competition to my empire and people would remain peaceful.” the king laughs by himself and thinks loudly, “The boy thinks he can kill me, but he is unaware who Claudius is, I am going to send him to his father and eliminate him completely.” 

King Claudius is sitting in his throne deep in thought. He has just received news that after sending Hamlet to England, he has been brought back by pirates, which wants a ransom for his release. He thinks to himself, “Maybe I should delay in paying the ransom so that the pirates could kill him for me. However, this could ruin my reputation among my subjects. People would believe that I let him die, and they would believe that I murdered my brother. However, I must get rid of him before he further causes havoc in my kingdom and kills me.” Claudius says, “I have a plan; I have two young men that are in dire need of revenge. I think I should play with their emotions and let them kill each other. This way I would be free of any blame and wrongdoing. Laertes is burning with anger wanting to revenge the death of Polonius his father and his sister Ophelia. I have already told him that Hamlet is responsible for their deaths. I have to use this to my advantage. I can arrange an innocent fencing match for the two and poison Laertes sword, in order to make certain that he kills Hamlet.” King Claudius smiles and thinks, “This is a remarkable idea to get rid of Hamlet forever. He makes me spend sleepless nights while I should be concerned with the affairs of my kingdom.”

King Claudius “Queen Gertrude also deserves to die for her contribution to the note sent to Hamlet on his way to England. My queen has a misplaced loyalty. She is challenging my power, and wants to get rid of me. That is why she sent the note warning Hamlet of my plan to kill him. I will teach her a lesson, as well. She has to be punished. I would make her drink from the goblet when Laertes kills her dear son. I need to do everything I could to keep my power.” Speaking to himself Claudius says, “Today would be the day I eliminate all threats to my throne and I would rule until my old age. Keeping power is not an easy task; a powerful and creative king has to use all means possible to keep his power. I do not regret killing to maintain my kingdom. I would manipulate, and scheme to live my dream as the king of this country. I am going to use poison to eliminate the greatest threat to my throne in this contest.” The king laughs loudly and goes to watch the contest. The king says, “I am content that in the end, the enemy to his throne is going to die.” As he seats to watch the match, Claudius prays to God, “I am sorry that it has to come to this. I regret my actions, but I believe they are necessary to maintain peace and order in this great nation. I pray that the almighty god forgives me for my actions, for all I did was for the interest of the kingdom of Denmark.”