Sample Paper About “Astronomy”


How can astronomy be transformed into an interesting area for study and research? This question is based on the complexity associated with the field of astronomy. The subject of astronomy is considered a discipline for geniuses and intelligent people. This has seen many people develop a negative attitude about the subject. The subject embodies the ideals of complex scientific analyses and explanations. This makes would be interested people shy away. This explains why the area of astronomy has few people.


This discussion will delve deeper into the question of transforming astronomy and making it a normal area of interest just like other subjects. As shall be seen in the later section, achieving this fete is no easy task and requires a great deal of commitment from the part of stakeholders. The discipline of astronomy can be compared to mathematics. It is evident that most students in college and high school lose interests in math on the basis of their attitude. There is a notion in most learning institutions that mathematics is a hard subject. This has seen most students gain interest in other fields aside from mathematics.

It is important to note that streamlining the learning curriculum of subjects such as astronomy and mathematics would rejuvenate the love for the subject. From an expertise point of view, the mode of teaching a given subject determines the interest attained by students. When students are taught well, their interest for the subject in question increases. It can be mentioned that the mode of syllabus structure determines the interest developed by students. Therefore, streamlining the syllabus would go a long way in terms of creating interest in subjects such as mathematics and astronomy.