Sample Paper: “Conclusion About Film”

Background Information

Crash is a 2005 film done by director Haggis, p. Most people would wonder what kind of a movie is “Crash” but the fact remains that it has been flourishing trailer over the past years since it was released. In this movie, several American people from diverse origins are brought together through a grim serendipity, which forces them or else the entire audience to realize their important connectedness. In ritzy LA neighborhood, black men move from a restaurant while complaining about the services they have received. The characters include Anthony (Ludacris) who bombastically argues that a server had granted coffee refilling to the white patrons while neglecting him and his friend, Peter (Larenz Tate). They continue to walk down street and a white couple tends to pass them. The woman takes the hand of her spouse as they walk, as she fears some black men. Anthony realizes that they move closer to each other in great fear and suggests that no white person can walk brave along the streets without fear. They go on to carjack the white couple while they get nearer to the navigator.


The movie has also two main characters who are Ryan and Christine who seem to direct the entire theme in their relationship. Ryan appears as a hero who works as a police officer and is focused to reduce racial conflicts in the district. In other words, the movie revolves around these two main characters although there are several others that clearly bring a theme of discussion. In this case, both argue over racial conflicts. There appears to be racial conflicts throughout the movie. At the first scene of the movie, two characters (Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillippe) as they pull over a black American couple (Terrace Howard and Thandie Newton). When Matt Dillon realizes that they are black, he orders them to get out of a vehicle though they are innocent. This is because in his earlier days, he engaged in a heated debate with an insurance company following death of his father and is assisted by a black man. In this case, he feels discouraged as well as mistreated and this makes him react against the black couple.

Sociological Perspective of the Film

As observed in the introductory points above, conflict appears to be the major theme or else the main sociological perspective. In this case, racial conflicts are clearly depicted in the movie. Conflict occurs between the social constructs and the inborn traits of the characters in the movie. In this case, race as well as gender cannot be depicted as physical attributes. The entire movie illustrates the district attorney of Los Angeles as he struggles in order to salvage the public reputation amongst the black voters through looking for an African-American that he can reward in public. In this case, he tends to consider a black man that had performed his duty in a heroic way. However, a person mentions in the background that he is an Iraqi. Another suggests that the man looks black. This is an illustration that there are racial conflicts among the people due to their cultures or else national heritages.

Moreover, a detective appears in another scene and calls his lover a Mexican but she responds by saying that none of them is Mexican. From this explanation, it is clear that the main theme being depicted in the film is conflict regarding sociological perspectives. There appear several racial conflicts in the movie such as the one between Michael Penas and Sandra Bullocks. When Michael Penas comes to Bullock’s room in order to fix her lock, she looks at him and notices his tattoos and the way he fits in baggy trousers. She discovers that Michael may belong to a robbery gang and would sell her keys to thieves. However, Michael appears to be a serious family man who is around trying to fix life for his daughter. The issue of racial conflict in this movie revolves around both male and female characters.

Culture in the United States Depicted in the Movie

The values being depicted in this film include gender roles from a traditional perspective as well as from a modern perspective, faith, hope as well as love are also being illustrated clearly and the ability of the people to solve conflicts among themselves. The movie clearly brings out the issue of racism between the black and white Americans. These appear to be the main cultures in the United States. Their cultures as well as beliefs tend to conflict with each other in that one race looks down on the other. Regarding the traditional gender roles depicted in the movie, it is clear that rigid roles of gender have great influence on people’s connections.

In the traditional roles of male as providers or else protectors, the movie clearly brings out the issue of gender roles but on a conflicting ground between the black and white Americans. In one of the scenes, there Cameron is pulled by John Ryan who is a racist police officer. Cameron is with his wife and soon starts to antagonize the officer and refuses to comply. They are then checked for any weapons and when Cameron picks the order without making any aggression, John frisks the wife in a sexual way. The wife perceives the husband as a less protector for not protecting her at this scene. She later continues to make him realize his inadequacy as a man and their marriage is in danger.

While rethinking about the gender roles in the American community, it is important to realize the diversity of traits between men such as aggression, decisiveness, intuition as well as non-aggression. The movie goes on to illustrate a Persian-American owner of a shop who tends to acquire a gun in order to protect his wife as well as his daughter. Dori who is his daughter perceives this as an inferior act by his father. In other words, culture regarding the gender roles has been greatly illustrated in the entire movie. Moreover, faith, hope and love have been depicted. In this case, conflict appears in a reverse of gender roles when a little girl acts as a protector to her father. The cloak imagined by the girl depicts faith as well as hope to the little girl to protect her father from the assailant.


There appears a wealthy as well as a light-skinned woman whose name is Christine who clings to a comforting police officer, Ryan. In her wedding, her face appears to be that of distress, grief or else shock. Their embrace appears to be intimate and almost erotic, as they seem to be on a verge of kissing. On his side, Ryan appears to be slightly guarded with a mask of determination and heroism. Ryan drugs a woman out of the burning and overturned car by risking his own life despite the other officers’ attempts to pull him off. This depicts Ryan’s heroism trait. The entire act of heroism represent an instance of racial reconciliation that turns out to be climactic or else unforgettable moment in the movie. In this case, Ryan appears to be an ideal man who is ready for societal development rather than discrimination due to racial conflicts in the United States.

Moreover, there seems to be a political message been driven by the movie. When the attorney of the district in Los Angeles tries to offer a reward to an African- American, some people complain that he is a black man indicating that the white believe that they are superior to the black. This is a reward for the black people having participated in the voting exercise. However, it appears that the white people are not so much appreciative to the black Americans hence indicating discrimination on political grounds. The attorney in Los Angeles is trying to unite the people but there appears to be challenges in their differences.

The major agents of socialization depicted in this movie appear to be family and peers. Family is clearly depicted as a socialization ground where most families are illustrated from different races. It appears that the white prefer marrying their white fellow women while the black prefer marrying their fellow black women. The family interactions in the film can be seen in the white couples who are carjacked by Anthony and Peter. Moreover, peer socialization appears evident in that most characters’ behaviors are influenced by their friends. For example, Peter and Anthony appear to stick together in various activities.