Sample Essay “Sleep Problems”

Research has suggested that sleep is important as it contributes to the health of an individual. People who sleep enough hours are said to have good health in terms of cognitive and physical health. There are various reasons that contribute to the hours an individual sleeps such as stress, the tasks a person is involved in among many others. This research is guided by the hypothesis: on average students at this college get less than 7 hours of sleep. This hypothesis came about after it was established that many of the students are overwhelmed during class time and therefore they doze in class as the lectures go on.

I believe this is a constructive and useful topic or hypothesis, which seeks to provide insights on the sleeping patterns of students in colleges. The information concerning this research hypothesis will help to enhance understanding of the problem and therefore amicable solutions will be found to help the students to rest. Furthermore, this information will be used by other researchers to advance their research studies hence coming up with findings that will be of importance in future. Therefore, if this hypothesis is true, it will be useful in future studies as it will help to find out the reasons why this happens and how it affects the holistic development of the students cognitively, emotionally and physically.

Data collection and analysis

To be able to achieve the objectives of the study, it is important to collect data from various students and analyze it to find out how the variables relate. Data was collected from various students of different ages and gender. This was to ensure equal representation. Data was collected through questionnaires. Before administering the research, I sampled 20 students from different classes. The sample was done randomly to ensure that there was no bias. I sampled students by using a small piece of paper that was written number 1 to 20. The student who picked a paper labeled number one was included in the sample size. This process was done in the all the classes putting in mind gender. After getting required sample size, I formulated a questionnaire that had 3 questions pertaining to the hypothesis. The questionnaires were then administered to the sample group. They took 10 minutes to be filled by the students sampled. All the questionnaires were filled and afterward, I reviewed and analyzed the responses. Even though there were some challenges in using the questionnaires such as resistance from some of the students to fill the questionnaires due to claims of busy schedules, I managed to convince them to spare the ten minutes which they did and therefore, helped me overcome the challenge that otherwise would have impacted negatively to my study. I used tables and graphs to present that data collected. The reason for choosing this method was that it is simple hence fostering understanding. Furthermore, it helps to facilitate analysis of the information or data collected.


The results agreed with the original hypothesis. Therefore, the study proved the hypothesis correct that actually many of the students slept for less than 7 hours. Even though enough sleep is recommended, many students seem not to be concerned about these scientific findings. There are various reasons that contribute to many students sleeping less hours. The first reason is work pressure and avoiding disappointment of failing in their examination. Many of the students sleep fewer hours during exam periods as they try to revise their notes in preparation for the exams. The consequences of failing are severe and therefore, to ensure they avoid this, they end up extending their study time into nights that reduces the time they spent sleeping. Another reason that was given for sleeping for short hours is the time consumed on social media. Many of the students spent a lot of time watching their favorite television programs and playing video and computer games. Therefore, this takes surmountable time of students that makes them to sleep for fewer hours. Others sleep few hours due to studying. Some of the students taking difficult courses cited they sleep for short hours because they use most of their time revising their course work. Therefore, stress and the or volumes of work contribute to many of the students to sleep for few hours.

The success of this study was attributed the scrutiny and dedication in which the researcher conducted the study. Questions were simple and sample size collected had good representation. Therefore, this led to its successful completion. Therefore, if another study was to be carried out, the researcher believes that there may not be any significant different results from the current findings. If I was to change, then I will have to change the students in the sample so that I use a new set of students to be able to compare the result to determine whether the study was a true representation. Therefore, the implications that the findings have on the results is positive. The results obtained show a clear picture of the real situation and therefore can be used by other researchers to advance their studies or it can be adopted by the school management to ensure that they provide a positive leadership that will ensure that students sleeps for more than 7 hours.


Sleeping is healthy and important. Having enough sleep especially among students is important as it allows the student time to relax and refresh for other lessons. It allows students to develop good listening and conceptualizing skills. Therefore, there is no excuse why the students are not sleeping enough hours. This study is a witness or rather a prove that students in the college do not sleep for more than 7 hours. There are various factors that have contributed to this including: high work pressure, stress, and fear to fail exams. Other reasons include too much use of the social media among others. Therefore, for these problems to be solved, it requires appropriate intervention measures. I must say that this study is an instrumental to my life. It has helped me to understand various problems that affect students and which deters them from achieving their goals. Pressure work, stress and even overuse of technology are causing many of the students to sleep for fewer hours. This study has therefore been instrumental as it can be adopted by various learning institutions, which can use it to address some of the problems that many students face. Sleep is important and the students, the teacher and the management should respect it. This will help find appropriate solution to the problem of students sleeping for less hours.