Sample Essay: “Analysis of Anthony Weston (A Practical Companion to Ethics)”

Mr. Weston was a family man who was respected in Highbury and had formerly worked as a militia captain. The great soldier then got married to Miss Churchill who came from a great family in Yorkshire. Miss Churchill passed on after three years and leaving behind his son Frank moved in to live with the Churchill family and adopted their name. The engagement of Mr. Weston as a trader for approximately twenty years led him in acquiring property and finally settling at Randalls a place Weston had wanted for a very long time. The happy life led to the situation of Mr. Weston getting married to Miss Taylor. The bragging of Highbury was that, Frank has never lived in the area. The news about Frank’s homecoming and the gossips around it were underwired by a letter to Mrs. Weston. The speculations were brought to a rest when Frank visited the Woodhouse. The speculation on Frank’s home visits to woodhouses was a questionable element from Miss Taylor. The opinion on the house visits by Frank is overviewed and manipulated from the common house visit where a family would generally appreciate the kind act. According to the passage, Weston is presented to be overly distressed on the bridal cake and is prompted to seek an alternative reasoning from Mr. Perry. The context is focused on the bridal cake where Mr. Perry advices that the cake would not please the invited guests and other dignitaries. The outcome on the purchase of the cake results to an appreciation from the Perry’s children. The chapter presented in this context can be termed as an introductory phase to the narration on the entire extract of Mr. Weston and Frank.