“Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia” – An Example Paper


Domestic violence in Saudi Arabia has been rampant in recent days. This has been triggered by various factors that have made the psychosocial setting of the country to be viewed as if the country has been unable to control the vice. The laws of the country to some extent have not tackled this issue with the required magnitude and this has made domestic violence a headline in daily news across the globe. Although campaigns have been ongoing against the domestic violence, positive and negative attributes have been associated with the campaign. In this paper, we are going to highlight the positive aspect of the campaigns against domestic violence where the and the negative aspect of campaigning against domestic violence where it has portrayed the whole country as a hub for domestic violence.

This book talks about the changes that have been experienced in Saudi Arabia that have led to the rearrangement of the internal and external structure of the country and how international relations are dealt with. It indicates how women have been able to gain more additional rights, increased education participation as well as the market place for domestic workers due to the extensive lobbying practices. The book creates awareness through campaigning against domestic violence where those involved in the campaign usually raise alarm that such acts do happen and in so doing sensitizes the affected to stand up and resist the act. This is important as it show solidarity among those who are affected and reminds those who are practicing the violence that they should stop as it is inhuman and passed by time. At the same time, campaigns may be done so that the existing legislation may be changed to address the issues of those being abused. This is done so that the authorities pass the laws requiring people to be awarded the rights that ought to be accorded to them. A case in Saudi is where women are not allowed to drive cars or leave the country without the consent of their husbands. This is inhuman and violation of human right and by campaigning against such abuse, the government may be forced to act and allow women to act on their will. By campaigning, help and assistance may be credited to those who have been violated against. This may be in terms of hospitalization and or legal proceedings against the violator. This being the case, campaigning is important as it helps those who are affected to get treatment and other services that may be required if the victim cannot afford such services. It should be noted that some domestic workers from foreign countries have been violated upon when working in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, campaigns are important as by so doing, the governments may step in an effort to help those who have been abused.

This book focus on the people who ventures into Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures only to be met by woeful acts when the get there. It explains how the domestic workers are abused, rights of people violated as well as harassment when in line of duty by the Saudi people. Here there is gender and sexual abuse by the Saudis to the people who come to the country to look for work. By campaigning, the affected have a chance to express them and at the same time get the information necessary and the remedy of such violation. At the same time, campaigning may be beneficial as it may lead to some action plan being taken by the respective authority on those who are caught in domestic violence cases.
It should be noted that by campaigning and illustrating how people are mistreated and abused, those who sees the campaigns to feel remorse and join them in campaigning against domestic violence. It helps the perpetrators of domestic abuse to feel human and stop the act. At the same time, the campaign may lead to considerable success where the affected are considered and empowered in various aspects of life like in education, political and economic empowerments.

This book talks of the vast opportunities found in Saudi Arabia, which has the capability of holding large economy in the world. It goes on to indicate the problems that are experienced by people when the land into the country as they look for employment. Here they face various challenges like abuse and harassment in the line of their duty. The campaign against domestic violence may change the mindset of the society and it may help the society view domestic violence as a vice and something that should be shunned from the current society.

This book talks of the problems that are faced by women in various Arab countries found in Middle East and North Africa. The book indicates how Sharia law discriminates against women and how the gap between men and women in terms of rights are widening. According to the religious laws, women are supposed to be submissive and not complain against men. Though there is the domestic violence in Saudi Arabia, which ought to be, denounced, sometimes campaigning against domestic violence in the media setting may not be good and may not achieve the desired results. This is because, those who campaign against domestic violence only focuses of the woman in the house and the generalize the matter such that the country is seen as it is prone to female abusers. This may not be the case as it is not all of the women in Saudi Arabia who are abused. At the same time, lack of respondent from the relevant authority may lead the violators to abuse more if action is not taken, as they would be trying to indicate that nothing could be done to them. It should be noted that the government in many cases is the first abuser of domestic violence through the laws that govern the country. This being the case, the government may take stern action of those who are campaigning as a sign that the name of the country is being tarnished by those who demonstrate. Some situations could be solved in a proper manner other than campaigning against. This being the case, other avenues other than campaigning could be employed and may be they could solve the issue.

Campaigns against domestic violence are important as they help in the sensitization of the general public on the harm that is done to women and also men by their perpetrators in Saudi Arabia. The public ought to know that such ills happen and measures ought to be taken to curb their expansion as they affect the psychological set up of those who are faced with the violence. Despite these facts, since not all women are violated against, the mass campaigns sometimes do give a bad image of the country in the global view. This therefore depicts that measures ought to be taken so that the proper channels to air out one’s grievances are sought and addressed in the correct way. If consultations fail, lobbying and demos may be warranted so long as they address the expected target audience.