“Art Gallery Opening – An Art Diary Description of Eventful Experiences” – An Example Paper

As a resident of SF, I recently had the opportunity to attend a grand opening of spectacular, first-class art gallery exhibition which hosted modern arts from a wide continuum of media and provided various artists with opportunity to expose their talents. I was amazed with very creative works of art and had a considerable experience. Most of the paintings, carvings and other compositions were created thematically to indicate the artistic value and information intended by the concerned artists. The exhibition dubbed Energy That Is All Around simply touched the very essence in me that artistry and arts are magnificent than I could imagine. It was not only a show but also an experience of its own kind. The star-studded list of artists created an exciting feeling in my head as I wondered what creativity they would present to us this year. It was the best chance, for me, to grace the grandeur and glorifying creations that these artistic creators produced. We launched their creations with wildest imaginations.

At first, I noticed that the organizers of the exhibit presented the arts display in a classy and elegant manner. As a San Francisco resident, I would admit that I was amazed by the exhibitions. I started to make observations. Over the microphone, I could hear the master of ceremony announce that the exhibition sought to link ephemera and works developed by the artists when they started their careers in wider artistic panorama. That time I realized that these artists have their different worlds. I knew in the beginning that I could learn something from experience this time. As a resident of the area, I understood that the arts exhibition sought to take a focused and unparalleled outlook of an art movement that has acquired an influential standing over the twenty years. If I could go back several years ago, I would say that arts today are the very reflections of yesterdays. The arts pieces like paintings reminded me of traveling to a different space, time, and world. That feeling would tell me that I had to stop thinking because I had to wander around the artists’ thoughts. It was such a nice experience having resided in San Francisco all these years.

During my tour round the exhibition, I noticed that all the artists shared a formal interests reflected in their paintings. All of the works of art had contemporary and official aspects in them and the curator explained that this was because the artists changed their approach towards their art. I felt that this newer approach towards their paintings was rather dull and limited in creativity. Nevertheless, I was wrong. I was very wrong to believe because arts could transcend a different effects and values to the onlookers. Perhaps, I had never fully taken the other side of arts, or perhaps I had been too young to accept what arts were in San Francisco. Soon, I would live in arts. The exhibition had numerous kinds of arts that could be observed. Most of the artists were ready to explain the thematic elements of their compositions and enhance the value aspects of the creation. The experience was commendable as I maintained my poise and posture in stalls. I took several snaps with huge artistic sculptures, paintings, and other compositions engraved on the walls. Within the gallery, a soothing music was played at the background to anchor the atmosphere with enthusiasm. In the course of my explorations, I discovered the other works of art done by the students and instructors from the San Francisco Art Institute, an institution that establishes, develops, and nurtures artistic talents from different individuals with SF and beyond. This category of art was more varied as I could make out several patchworks and other murals. It was evident that they had placed these pieces in a separate location because of the main event happening in the Walter McBean Gallery I usually visited during holidays. Those arts have a different effect on me, and I knew something held me to look around for a while and see. Right there and then, I got caught myself somewhere surrounded by other wonderful creations. Everything was superb and I had a critical chance to observe how arts could revolutionize the world.

Finally, as a resident of San Francisco, I could say that attending an arts exhibit gave a refreshing effect on me. Most of the arts were composed thematically to demonstrate certain values in life and pass critical information that could have been neglected if it were not for arts. I must agree that I had an exclusive experience when I attended a spectacular, first-class art exhibition. The exhibition allowed me to experience the realities around. Whatever I perceived from the paintings, curving, and other creations that I saw – from simple to complex mediums used by the artists – deepened my understanding about life, creation, and reality. This is my experience as a Californian living in San Francisco.